Engineering company “Danken” registered me in November 2013. But to say that this is a young company – it means to erase the entire experience of the people who are the backbone of this company and have been with me and continue to be close not even a dozen years of construction, renovations, alterations and development of many enterprises. More than 15 years together we are reforming and rebuilding the company “holding Olkom”, our innovations are not only engineering nature, we are changing the approach to doing business and in assessing performance. To reconstruct a poorly running, the old, backward, with antiquated technology enterprise and make it modern, manufactured products, which are recognized in Europe and around the world – it is very difficult and much harder than building a new production. But it is very nice when the result is achieved. And of course, the most important assessment of our work, give consumers. If the product to which we have or have had a relationship buying, it means that our work is useful and important.

The idea of ​​combining engineering, creative and innovative potential in one company emerged by itself for the development of the achievements that have long been known and taken root in Ukraine. All the achievements and innovations call and recall is not possible, but the most important I would like to call it.

  • For the first time in Ukraine at the end of the 20th century in 1999. Due Oleksenko OI (creator of “Olkom”) and today’s workers “Danken”, were imported tropical oils for industrial processing and the creation of new high-quality products in the oilseed industry, and specifically in the production of margarine.
  • for the first time in Ukraine PJSC “Kyiv Margarine Factory” in 2001, was created by milk fat substitute (ZMZH) – “Olmiks” and it is possible, when it is used, to survive and earn huge amount of money the dairy industry of Ukraine and “margarinschikam” in other factories, production counterparts. True, there are downsides – many careless milk processors in the struggle for the cost of spoiled the taste quality of its products and added not quite quality ZMZH in too large quantities.
  • for the first time in PJSC “Kyiv Margarine Plant” the new form of high-quality packs of margarine and it is possible to allocate the product on the market and be of regional – a national leader in the production of goods for consumers in the format of B2C sales “butter” margarine.

Active position in the market has created a live margarines real competition and drive from store shelves and consumers’ loyalty such world famous brands as “FRAME” and “Phineus”, which were practically the only monopoly leaders in 90 years on the market of Ukraine.

for the first time in Ukraine was started bottling high-oleic sunflower oil under the brand name “Viva Oliya” and I think – is the future of our farmers who grow oilseeds. thanks to the director of the company and the work of the team, “Duncan” in “dairy Olkom” created domestic pasteurizing plant “Duncan aseptic”, which, thanks to the technology of deep pasteurization allows you to store milk in the film up to 20 days. Of course – as it is not possible to name all of the ideas embedded in the production and gave a real economic effect, but probably the most important thing about what I want to say that only the experience, knowledge and understanding of the processes to help our team to be successful and not only compete, but also win market companies from around the world and unlimited financial resources, has a monopoly not only in the food processing industry and in other industries.

IDEA – is the most important factor in business. The second factor is the TEAM and then the presence of the means of production and money. It is my opinion at this stage of life and I would like that to 20 years from now, I could tell he was not mistaken.

Founder and owner of an engineering company “Danken”
Eugene Kutcenko


  • I am an engineer and my life, I came up with, as from “nothing” to do “something.”
  • The fight against monopolies – that’s probably the main goal of my work.
  • At the moment, due to the tense political situation in Ukraine, many engineering companies have left the market or moved their offices in the country, which from a mass for us Ukrainians turned into aggressive. Although Russia and the people here are not being, and not moved offices in Russia, and in Moscow.